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Rules & Regulations

Check in Time:  2:00 PM  /  Check Out Time:  12:00 Noon 

   1.  ​Well behaved pets with responsible owners are welcome.  

Limit 2 Per site and this is a FIRM RULE.    Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and  picked up after.  If they poop it - you've got to "scoop" it.

Tent Campers Your pets cannot be left unattended.  If you're going out for the day take Fido with you - he'll love it.  If you cannot take your best friend with you, please make arrangements for someone to care for him/her in your absence.  

All Campers:  Pets are never to be left tied out or in a crate while you are not in the campground. Pets are never permitted in the restrooms or bathhouse. 

All pet owners:  You will need to register their pets at check in and sign a separate pet agreement.     


     2.  No loud, unruly, or drunken behavior will be tolerated.  No drugs of any kind are permitted.  This is a family friendly environment in a quiet and natural setting.  If you do not want to hear the "sounds of silence" we respectfully suggest you find another outlet for your recreational enjoyment.  Persons not complying with this request will be ejected from the facility without refund.


     3.  No pallets and no treated woods of any kind can be burned at the campground.  Fires are to be made only in the fire rings provided at each campsite.  Firewood is sold at our camp store for your convenience.

    4.  No dumping of grey or black tanks on the ground.  Please use the sewer connection at your site or check with staff for an appropriate site to utilize for this purpose.   Anyone found illegally dumping will be required to leave the campground  immediately - with no refund.

    5.  No washing of cars, motorhomes, muddy atv's, etc.

    6.  Golf carts, ATV's, scooters and the like are not permitted to be driven in the campground. Only road legal vehicles driven by licensed adults are permitted to be operated within the campground.

    7.  Guests visiting for the day will be charged $5.00/per day/vehicle and must leave the campground by 10:00 PM.  Guests wishing to stay overnight may be required to pay an additional person/vehicle charge.  This can only be permitted if space and site capacity allows. 

    8.  Quiet time is from 10:00 PM until 7:00 AM.  Please keep voices and electronic volumes down and be courteous of your neighbors at all times..   

​    9.  All outdoor activities can be dangerous.  

Long Ridge Campground assumes no liability/responsibility for any injuries or death caused by such activities.  Long Ridge Campground is not responsible for the safety of your personal belongings. Please make sure your valuables and vehicles are secure.   

​   10.  There are no firearms, fireworks or any other type of dangerous items permitted in the campground at any time.  

​   11.  We do not allow drone flying within the park.  

   12.  Please be respectful to our camp hosts and other park guests.  We have a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful behavior, and you will be asked to leave the park immediately with no refund.

You and your guests are responsible for knowing and abiding by all rules and regulations.   Campers and/or their guests not abiding by the rules will be required to leave the campground immediately with no refunds issued.